The American Dream is Within Reach

Talk to an immigration lawyer in Tampa today to get started on your citizenship application or to learn more about naturalization.

If you're a permanent resident of the United States, you can start working toward naturalization. Reilly Immigration has the experience and legal insight needed to help you with your citizenship application in Tampa, Florida.

Once you're a U.S. citizen, you can enjoy all of the benefits and protections that our country offers. Get started on your citizenship application today

Do you need proof of citizenship?

A Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) may be eligible to apply for Naturalization to become a US Citizen if they meet certain criteria. Certain individuals who were born abroad may also eligible to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship if they have US Citizen parents.

Reilly Immigration also helps U.S. citizens obtain certificates of citizenship. 

Whether you were born here or recently completed the naturalization process, you can get an official certificate of citizenship to prove your status. You might need to prove citizenship for:

  • Job applications
  • Legal proceedings
  • Social security benefits
  • Passport renewals
  • Financial aid applications

Talk to an immigration lawyer in Tampa, FL today about your specific situation. We can even assist with the filing of Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.